Lenton faces

Crocus Café fundraising day, 9 July 2011
Yesterday evening Susan and I went round to Church Square for an early evening meal at the Crocus Café and to show our support for their fundraising day. A three course meal cost us £3.50 each and any extra given was treated as a donation. We began with a hummus and pitta bread starter with dips and salad. Next we had a Kashmiri curry of chick peas, potatoes and rice. By then we were full, so we took some 'Beetroot Chocolate Cake' home and had it with our bedtime drink. The Crocus Gallery next door showed its support by staying open and acting as an overflow dining area. When we arrived we joined some other long time Lentonians who had managed to find a table inside. By any measure a great evening. One of the drawbacks of enjoying the company is that you don't take the pics, so here are the few I did take:
We arrived just after 6pm and there was already a buzz about the place.

Joel, one of the café's American volunteers (Rex was also about, but the pic I took of her hard at work came out blurred), explains how the ordering system worked to a` startled looking diner. The Lenton Times in the front of the pic is Lenton's very successful local history magazine produced by Steve Zaleski for Lenton Local History Society.

Sue, one the café's long-time stalwarts found time to take a break from organising things and serving coffee to go and raise £200 from a local resident keen to make a donation (the person also gave £200 to The Crocus Gallery).

Local singer Joe Slater was hand to entertain the diners with cover versions of Joe Bragg songs. As a Bragg fan, it was great. As a old person with wearing a hearing aid, it was a bit too loud. Otherwise, it all added to making the evening memorable.

Outside, I took this pic of some local lads enjoying their meal al fresco.

Inside The Crocus Gallery I found Barry and Jo enjoying their meal. I got what I thought was a great pic of Rex serving Barry, but it was blurred. Barry and Jo are both from Christchurch, New Zealand, and Barry is also a Gallery volunteer and artist.

Lenton 'Open Day', 4 June 2011.
There wasn't the money this year for a big Dunkirk and Lenton Festival, so the Forum organised a smaller event centred on Church Square and Lenton Recreation Ground. I think it worked really well and I was so busy enjoying myself talking to so many folk that I simply forgot to take many pics. Luckily I took a few…

Outside The Crocus Gallery, volunteers Kay and Sophie, with Sarah and Dave, our two Labour city councillors (I will get Sarah's son's name and add it in. I should know it).

Crocus Gallery volunteer and stalwart, Anne-Marie, who hails from France, but stays in Nottingham because she 'prefers the weather', with two young visitors to her necklace making table using old beer bottle tops into which she inserts messages, such as 'official cat herder' and 'be happy'.

Lilian, our local Labour MP, and Marina, co-founder of the Lenton Peace Garden, in Lenton Recreation Ground, where you will find the garden.

It's gone quiet in the Lenton Peace Garden (the ice cream van has just arrived at the park gates) and just a few people remain to sniff the bottles of flower essences you can just see on the table.  I wish I had got a pic of some sniffers, but I didn't. A missed opportunity.