Greater Nottingham Councils info

I intend to post maps and other information on this page relating to the area which constitutes the Greater Nottingham conurbation. I have not included Long Eaton in the tables relating to council tax and local democracy at this stage.

Council Tax charges for 2012/13

I have only been able to compile the tables about Council Tax  in the Greater Nottingham area with the assistance of each local authority. I had no problem getting the information, although it took several weeks to arrive, but in the circumstance I think this was understandable.  I plan to add Gamston ward to the West Bridgford totals, but have yet to request it.  For comments see my blog dated 21 June 2012.

The council tax rates shown exclude any parish / town council charges, with the exception of Ruddington, where the parish council charge adds 3% to the basic level of council tax as paid by West Bridgford properties, where there is no town council. Council Tax rates are higher in those areas which have a parish / town council (to find out more about these charges, click these links: Broxtowe parish council tax chargesGedling parish council tax charges). 

Compiling the tables has been quite time consuming, but I am satisfied that they are accurate.

Local democracy in Greater Nottingham (2011 info)

All the information used to compile the two tables below can be found on local council websites or via Wikipedia links. Trying to work out the share each party receives of votes cast is complicated by the fact that different compilers use different methods — some count all the votes cast whilst others take only the highest individual vote for each party in each ward (the method I have used where I have had to compile my own totals). Together, they give a good indication of how each of the major parties performed. The smaller parties, such as BNP, Greens and UKIP have been listed as 'Others'.  I intend to add another table showing how many councillors each party has in the six council areas listed below.


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