Sunday, 3 July 2016

Beeston Week post about Corbyn and the shadow cabinet that was.

A few days ago I did a post to my Beeston Week blog entitled 'Corbyn's critics condemn themselves'. It included this table I compiled (simply click on the table to enlarge it):

What has prompted this reprise is the fact that this parkviews blog of mine still gets visitors and had 117 hits yesterday — which is not something I had expected to happen. I stopped blogging regularly at the beginning of this year. Tiredness and having to prioritise things was the main reason. I am slowing down due to a dicky aortic heart valve and I am currently in the process of being assessed for open heart surgery. I should know by the end of August what is going to happen to me, then there is my lung fibrosis for which I have had MRIs and periodic activity tests. I do not feel at death's door, but I am in the process of coming to terms with the fact that I am slowing down.

My life is lived in Beeston now, so maybe I should try to do at least a weekly post to Beeston Week.

So, if you pick up on this post, just a reminder that you can catch up with me at Beeston Week.


Robert Howard

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