Saturday, 8 November 2014

Nottingham 1914 map

I recently purchased a booklet, The City of Nottingham — Past, Present and Future: Its special advantages as a commercial centre and as a place of residence, 'Officially issued by the Corporation', which included several maps, one of which I reproduce here, albeit much reduced in size, together with three enlarged sections. I have had the map scanned at 600dpi (creating a 717MB tiff file, as I could not get a svg file version made) and have since created a 72dpi copy for the web, which you can see below:

I have also copied the title and sections showing part of Bulwell and that part of Lenton which is now better known as the main campus of Nottingham University:

At some point I may will do more with the map. In the meantime I have had a copy made which I will take along the next Angel History Forum in Nottingham Central Library on Thursday 11 December 2014.

For the record, the map shows seven houses on what is the present-day university campus including 'Lenton' in their name: Lenton Abbey; Lenton Fields; Lenton Firs; Lenton Grove; Lenton Hall; Lenton House and Lenton Hurst.

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