Sunday, 5 October 2014

Small pinboard #2

My second collection of images, all with a story to tell.

No.1 is a mystery location. I found the photograph in Nottingham Local Studies Library labelled as 'Kyte Street, Lenton'. It was too good not to use in a temporary exhibition I was organising in 2006, but more than one former Kyte Street resident told me 'That is not Kyte Street' — hence the mystery.

No.2 is a London Transport 662 trolleybus, which ran from Paddington Green, just off the Edgware Road in Central London, all along the Harrow Road via Harlesden, Craven Park, Stonebridge Park and Wembley to Sudbury. The 662 was very much part of my life until I was eighteen and inspired a poem of sorts (Memories of trollies and Joy).

No.3 is a London Transport 83 bus. Another route I used a lot whilst growing up in Wembley. It still operates much the same route: From Golders Green Station via West Hendon, Kingsbury and Wembley to Ealing Broadway. I remember the chugging purr of its engine, especially on Sundays when it dawdled from stop to stop because it still operated a weekday rush-hour timetable.

No.4 my beloved, sainted Uncle Dave. A photograph I took of him c1959 on top of block of flats in the centre of Harlow New Town he was working on at the time. He was a plumber and active in then Plumbers' Trade Union. He went onto become a Labour Party councillor in Harlow for many years, as did my Auntie Nannie.

No.5 shows the photograph I took of an 'escaped' panda in Lenton Recreation Ground in November 2007 and subsequently blogged about it. Click here to see link. Always makes me smile. I hope it does the same for you.

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