Sunday, 12 October 2014

Beeston Tram map - free master copy

I created my Beeston 'Underground' style Tram map a year ago, partly to use as part of a writing project called Foodie Heavens by Beeston Writers, but I couldn't find a sponsor, so the project got put on hold because we made the decision to move from Lenton to Beeston after our aged cat Markiza died. My intention now is to self-publish once our move is completed, so watch this space.

In the meantime, I have updated my Beeston Pubs & Cafés map a few times and I posted my latest update yesterday. My original Beeston 'Underground' map began life as a blank master and I did offer it free then to anyone who would like to use it in return for using my content box in the left-hand corner (which contains the map legend and acknowledgements).

The master map can be adapted to individual needs and I am happy to help in this respect. For voluntary groups and 'good causes' I will do this free-of-charge. For others there will be a nominal charge to cover my costs and time.

If I had the time and no other interests I would create versions showing health facilities, youth clubs and community centres etc, even carpet shops and small independent 'handy' shops, but I will happily help others.

I am currently working on a extended version which will extend to the Nottingham Ring Road and QMC to be printed A3 landscape (the present map is designed to be printed A4 landscape, but does work A4 portrait as well. I have lost count of the number of times over the years I have heard people at the QMC bus stop going towards Nottingham ask bus drivers about 'where the shops are' and, as, two Welsh ladies asked yesterday 'Can we get food there?' A seemingly stupid question with an an obvious answer, but if you are at the QMC visiting there is every chance your thoughts will be muddled.

I wanted to say, 'Take my advice, catch a bus to Beeston town centre instead. The food is as good and cheaper'. The QMC, like the University, are as much in the orbit of Beeston as Nottingham city centre. My extended version is being created with QMC and Lakeside visitors in mind.

So, here is the master copy of my existing Beeston Underground style map. If you would like to use it please contact me by using the comment facility.

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