Monday, 15 September 2014

Small Pinboard #1

My good friend Rosie, who inspired me to start this blog in 2007, includes in regular postings to her own blog, Corners of my mind, what I can only describe as mini-pinboards. It is something I like. The paucity of it. Small enough to leave me wanting more.

Given how verbose I am, I have decided to create my own small pinboards, limited to just six images. Not all the time, but by way of seeing if I can make the idea work and as interesting as my friend Rosie.

A selection of personal images.
  1. A painting I own by Enid Thatcher, a Nottinghamshire artist.
  2. Langley Mill Locks and Basin, where the Erewash Canal meets the Cromford Canal. The end of one my favourite walks along a favourite canal.
  3. A photograph Rosie took for me at Baddesley Clinton. When we move, I plan to have a large print made and framed. I love all the photograph says to me and it reminds me of Rosie and Paul and a lovely few days in Stratford-upon-Avon.
  4. The view from our bed in our present home. It was this room we fell in love with when we bought the house in 1979. Full of love and happy memories.
  5. My cousin Caroline, who died of breast cancer aged just thirty-eight. Two years younger than me. We saw a lot of one another as children and teenagers, even though I was in Wembley and she was in Great Chesterford in north-east Essex. Her great-grandfather was my great-great grandfather. We were very close and I miss her still.
  6. Pop, my maternal grandfather. I took this photograph with my first camera in 1961. Nanna, my maternal grandmother died in early-1960 and, most of the time, until I got married in 1965 we lived alone or with lodgers, who had the big front bedroom. He was a creature of habit, a man with a daily routine, which included getting up late. My mother was the same, although I only lived with her for a few brief months, and so am I. When I met Susan, one of the first things she told me was that she 'liked her bed'. I was already in love with her by then, even though I had only known her for a few hours at the time.
So there you have it, my first small pinboard. Of little consequence or interest to the world at large. I hope you enjoy.

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Rosie said...

Lovely! I've really enjoyed your 'pin board'. I wonder if those people at Baddesley Clinton are still visiting NT properties and sitting reading in the gardens? I hope so:)