Tuesday, 23 September 2014

My stories get a home of their own

I started writing fiction at the beginning of 2011 when I first attended Beeston WEA's Creative Writing Class. I took a break after Christmas last year because I envisaged the whole process of moving would take 7–8 months, I did not expect it to take ten months, but here are, still unmoved. We should know our fate next week, but I decided to rejoin the WEA class this coming Thursday regardless. I have had enough of putting my life on hold.

Listening to Jenni Murray interview Chrissie Hynde on Women's Hour last week made up my mind. It also made up my mind about sharing some of my fiction. Several perevious attempts have come to nothing because I wanted to be inclusive first, Now I intend to be inclusive second. The result is another blog: http://littlehandpress.blogspot.com.

Without realising it, my decision coincided with the closing date for the Saturday Night – Sunday Morning (flash) Writing Competition organised by the Nottingham Festival of Words, 13–19 October 2014, to which I have entered two 'flash' stories, and the reading on Radio 4 this week of the five short-listed entries for BBC–Radio 4's 2014 Short Story Competition (the winner will be announced on 30 September 2014).

Just three (very) short stories to start the ball rolling. From now on I will add one a week. I hope you go and have a read and pass on the link if you think anyone else out there might just enjoy one of my stories. A modest hope.

You can connect direct to my new writing blog using this logo, which is at the top of the right-hand column opposite:

On the blog, each story has its own storybox, which links directly to the story in question.

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