Monday, 16 June 2014

Look at what I have found...

Going through a tray of papers in our office, I found this long forgotten photograph.

Seeing this will, I hope, bring a smile to your face. It's from the late-80s / early-90s. It is me having an afternoon nap and by the time Susan found me I had been joined by Coco (just above me) and Jenny, on the radiator shelf. These were perches they only used when the radiator was on.

Coco died in 1995 and Jenny in 2001.

In those days we were still publishing Local History Magazine and Susan had a page on our website dedicated to 'Local History Cats'. It was the most popular page on the website. Earlier this year when Susan was moving the Nottinghamshire Local History Association website across to Wordpress, she created a trial page under her domain name. Click on the following link:

They were great companions and not a day passes without I think of them in some way. All our cats brush up against me occasionally or I catch them disappearing through a door. I hope they come with us when we move. Jenny and Markiza, our last cat who died last year will insomuch as we have their ashes in small boxes. The graves of other cats in our small back garden are being marked with plaques in the hope they can rest in peace for a good while yet.

I do not believe in ghosts, but I believe the past can linger on in as yet unexplained ways, as if buildings, walls and stones can capture and hold onto moments.

The sofa went to the Crocus Café in Lenton years ago and goodness knows how many people have sat on it since. The secret of its longevity is in the fact that it has a metal divan bedframe inside, giving it a firm seat. Now I like more afternoon naps and use a secondhand sofa we bought back in 2006 and, when we move, we hope to have a living room large enough to take two.

Sad to say, we will nap alone. Our days of living with cats ended with the passing of Markiza.

The good news is that the photograph will not be lost again and I will look at it on my pinboard, and smile every time I do.


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Rosie said...

Great photo - you will always have such happy/sad memories of all your lovely 'Local History' cats - each one very special and always in your heart:)