Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Dogs in hats

I am not a dog man, but I get on with them well  enough and enjoy their company from time to time. I took this photo last Friday (20 June) at Rufford Abbey in mid-Nottinghamshire. A public 'country' park with a ruined house, part of which has been a very popular arts and crafts centre with a shop and café since the 1980s. I can fairly claim to have been actively involved in its creation.

I took this photo with the camera on my new smartphone and what I wanted to capture was the lady taking photographs of the dogs, but I was too late. The scene made me think of a good friend who is getting into photographing working dogs. I have sent her the photo already.

Having written about cats in my last blog post a week ago, I thought I would take this chance to redress the balance.

The day was hot and having lost a cat to heatstroke back in the 1980s, I know how the thinnest of head coverings can make all the difference, so I applaud their keeper for giving them little hats to wear.

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