Sunday, 15 June 2014

A chance mid-May day out

On 14 May Susan and I found ourselves with a spare day, We had found a house the day before and had our offer accepted, so we cancelled what other house viewings we had and decided to relax for the first time in months by having a day out. We also had a hire car for the week. In the end we got up too late to drive to Skeggie (Skegness on the Lincolnshire coast), so decided to visit the National Memorial Aboretum at Alrewas, near Lichfield, instead.

It was Susan's first visit, but I went in 2010 with Lenton Local History Society and posted a blog about my visit. Click here to visit blog entry dated 1 October 2010. Again, once you got away from the Visitor Centre and main monument, you were very much on your own. I hope you enjoy the pictures I have posted below. I never finished posting captions to the 2010 blog and only make a couple of comments at the end of this post.

I am sure that 'Moore B' in the penultimate photograph above is Bobby Moore, someone I knew from my schooldays and teens, who was killed in South Yeman in 1963. We used to have a drink and a chat every time he came home on leave. We made an unlikely pair. Him in the Army and me, an active Young Socialist, a Unilateralist (still am) and supporter of national liberation movements.

The last photograph is proof that those in power and their supporters have no intention of accepting the futility of war. I believe war is only justified in legitimate self-defence. There are whole areas of the main monument like this — blank — just waiting for future names to be added.

Altogether, a peaceful and reflective place to visit. We do need armed forces and they should be recognised for what they do, whether or not we agree with what they are doing at the time.

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