Monday, 31 March 2014

Lenton Flats

Over the years I have taken a good few photographs of the Lenton Flats. By the end of 2014 all five tower block will be gone. Here are a few:

Notice the test drill holes. They revealed corrosion in the steel wire embedded in the concrete panels which clad the flats. Each panel hanging from the interior steel frame. There weight and mass helped to keep the tower block rigid. It marked the end and it became only a matter of time...

 A view from the flats towards Church Street and the QMC.

A view towards Lenton Recreation Ground.

The Flats from Lenton Recreation Ground.

The Flats at night from 3 Devonshire Promenade.

The Flats from Prospect Place, 2011.

The Flats from Church Street, 2006.

Down To Earth Publicity Poster, 2007.

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