Saturday, 1 February 2014

Looking forward to a special day out

I was quite humbled when before Christmas I was asked by Bulwell's Ridewise project if I would like to do 'a history talk on a bus'. Since then the idea has progressed to the point where it looks likely to happen, thanks to the generosity of Nottingham City Transport.

I suggested that we use NCT's 35 bus route and dug out a NCT bus map from the early-1980s which used to use a cartoon logo called 'Buster'. I was always fond of the little fellow and was sorry when he disappeared from view. With luck and permission, I hope that he will have a role to play in Ridewise's 'History on a Bus' day.

Now this approach was pure serendipity, as I had already started work on my 'HistoryByBus' blog to coincide with my December column in the Nottingham Post, with a view to turning it into a proper website during 2014 (which I still intend to do).

Whether it will be used or not I do not know, but I have created this little logo and I have some other ideas as well, but what happens will depend on how many pennies Ridewise have, but some button badges for children on the the day would be nice.

I have a hand-written list of local history, including buildings, which can be linked to the 35 bus route and it has already reached sixty, with more I want to check out before adding them to my list.

Then a second serendipity occurred. NCT announced that sometime in 2014 double-deck buses will be returning to the 35 bus route, so with luck the two events will happen at about the same time.

At 70 I am ready for more changes than just moving house. I have no committees to attend and my only 'commitment' as such will be to organising the Angel Row History Forums in Nottingham Central Library, which are now in their fourth year, for Nottinghamshire Local History Association (NLHA) in partnership with the city's Local Studies Library.

At some point this blog will take second place to History By Bus, which I see as a prompt to ensure I get out and about more often (by bus of course). Some of you may have noticed already that I posted a entry about the Erewash valley on the new blog yesterday. The map is new, but the rest is recycled material. It is early days yet and I am still working through ideas, so watch this space!

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