Friday, 14 February 2014

Beeston Connections Bus Map changes and a bus demise

I have updated and made small layout changes to the Beeston Connections Bus Map, prompted by changes to YourBus route Y5, which from 16 February will run via Attenborough Lane instead of Bye-Pass Road on the west side of Beeston.

Also news that Nottingham City Transport's route 14 between Chilwell and Old Market Square will be withdrawn at the end of March 2014, less than six months after it was diverted along Derby Road instead of University Boulevard. This means there will be no NCT bus route between Beeston and the City Centre via University Boulevard, Abbey Street, Abbeybridge and Castle Boulevard for the first time in over eighty years. According to a report in today's Nottingham Post, NCT blame 'increased competition' for the decision to withdraw route 14.

I can understand why NCT have made this decision because of the way 'the market' works, but there is something crazy about the decision, given that NCT is over 80% owned by Nottingham City Council and subsidises other bus routes. This is a case of classic market short-termism. When the Tram starts running it will be so full  that many of us will choose to use buses along the University Boulevard, Abbey Street, Abbeybridge and Castle Boulevard corridor between Beeston and the City Centre and NCT will have thrown away eighty years of service for the sake of a few months losses and its rivals' tenacity will be amply rewarded.

Come 30 March, route 14 will disappear from my map. In the meantime, here is the latest version.

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