Thursday, 26 December 2013

A last Christmas Eve Lenton wander

I had intended to post this on Christmas Eve, but life overtook me, as it so often does. It's a last personal record of sorts because this is, assuming we sell our house, our last Christmas in Lenton after thirty-four of them.  Over the years one thing has never changed. We write and post most of our cards in early-December, but always I keep the Lenton ones back, saying I will deliver them by hand to save the postage and I do, but never until Christmas Eve.

It is always quiet and, unfortunately, this year was not a good one for taking photographs of my meander around Lenton. The sky was cloud free and the Sun was low in the sky, blindingly so.

From our house on Devonshire Promenade towards the Derby Road. The only car on the Prom over Christmas belongs to our next door neighbours. Every other house is empty. The students have all gone.

A little hidden corner of Lenton, which you might catch a glimpse of walking up the Derby Road towards Canning Circus. It is the side entrance to the home of one my bowling companions. A few weeks from now, there will be snowdrops, then crocuses and, later, a few bluebells. A perfect side entrance by any measure. It always gives me pleasure just to see it as I walk to and from Graham's letter box.

11am and a view of a very quiet Derby Road, from Harrington Drive towards the Savoy Cinema at the bottom of the hill. Two buses are just pulling away from the Savoy and, at times on my walk along Derby Road, there were more buses than cars. A photograph of this view in two years time will be minus a glimpse of Lenton Flats.

Any photograph of a Lenton road like Harrington Drive (towards Derby Road) without cars is a rarity. Parking got so bad a few years ago across the whole of Lenton that the City Council introduced a residents' parking scheme.

Abbey Court Flats from Rolleston. I like the fact that the bare trees look as tall as the flats.

Abbey Court from Welby Avenue, The Flats look in pristine condition, as clean and gleaming as when erected in the mid-1960s. Seen like this, it is difficult to believe that they will be gone this time next year. They will be missed by many.

At a first glance, the partially demolished Digby Court looks as it has vines growing up the side. In a few weeks it be gone.

My Christmas Eve walk lasted barely thirty minutes, then it was off to Beeston, but I was keenly aware that, with my short meander delivering cards, our leaving Lenton is close to becoming real. My walk ended with a look across an empty Lenton Recreation Ground from the front of our home.

Not a good day for taking photographs, but what I have all offer views of New Lenton few others will otherwise see. We are so often blind to the world around us.

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Rosie said...

As we sat eating our dinner yesterday I said that I wondered how you both felt about your last Christmas at No3. You will miss being there after so many years but you will establish new walks, habits and routines wherever you go, there is much to look forward too! Take care, Rosiexx