Friday, 18 October 2013

Markiza: in memoriam

This afternoon we said goodbye to Markiza, who came to live us just before Christmas 2007. We inherited her from a dear friend, who became ill and had to go into care.  In some ways, her passing was sudden. 

For months now Markza had been on a iodine free diet because of a thyroid problem and was last checked over in July 2013, but in recent weeks we noticed that she was losing weight. Otherwise she was lively enough, but coming back from London after five days I was suddenly aware of how much weight she had lost, so I took her to the vets on Tuesday morning. Later the same day the vet telephoned to say that the blood samples she had taken showed that Markiza had total kidney failure and had a few weeks, maybe less, to live and that, by all rights, she should not be alive.

In the event she lasted until today (Friday), but after speaking with the vet it became clear that because she was no longer eating, together with internal organ failure, she was close to the end, so after some soul-searching, we asked the vet to come and see us. The end was peaceful and stress free, she made no fuss and purred as she was sedated and some minutes later, she was put to sleep, with Susan and me stroking her. The vet and the nurse who came as well were truly wonderful. At the end of it all I cried. I will miss Markiza and remember her for the rest of my life — as I will the other cats I have known and loved.

Sometime in the near future, I will add a cat page by Susan to the blog. For now, some photographs of a lovely friend.

The last photograph I took of Markiza, when we were in the garden together this summer.

Always the office cat, on hand to offer a helping paw.

Markiza had a serious side too.

This was her favourite position. 

Markiza's one weakness was her urge to explore any opening she could find. On this occasion, she was nearly squashed as I started to close the filing cabinet drawer. Luckily, up popped her head just in time.

Rest in peace Markiza.

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Rosie said...

I'm so very sorry to read this - have tears in my eyes reading - thinking of you both will be in touch very soonRxxxx