Thursday, 24 October 2013

Cake too good to leave

Today I had the best coffee and cake I have ever had in Beeston. Some claim I know, but my black Americano was like no other and in some ways quite unexpected. It came with a cinnamon stick as well as a spoon and had a hint of espresso about it — which I really liked. I didn't take a photograph, but next time I will.

I did, however get the man with the cake…

…Sergio, at the White Lion pub 'and kitchen' at the junction of Station Road and Middle Street in Beeston. Shortly after this photograph was taken, his Victoria sponge cake, with its jam and icing filling, had all gone. Someone in the group sighed 'scrummy' and that seemed to sum up nicely how all nine of us felt about the cake.

Members of the WEA Beeston Branch Writing Class have got into the habit of meeting during holiday periods and half-term week and were looking for somewhere to meet, where there was a bit more room, and one of Beeston's Labour councillors, Lynda Lally, told me about Sergio and the White Lion; of how he and his wife had really worked wonders with the pub, even catering for mums and toddlers. After just one visit I agree, and will be going back again before too long and I am sure that Writing Class members will be using it after classes from now on.

Now, if great coffee and wonderful cake and fish n' chip deals on Fridays are not enough to persuade you to visit to the White Lion, then Mermaid (above) should be enough to make you change your mind. She is absolutely adorable and friendly to boot. I tried to get a photograph of her holding her bushy tail aloft, but all she wanted to do for me was roll over and give me her impersonation of Marilyn Monroe.

Another thing some of my colleagues liked was that the White Lion has plenty of car parking spaces, whilst others, like myself, like the fact that it is within sight of Beeston Bus Station and The Tram will run right past its main entrance. If you are still in doubt as to its location, then here is an updated version of my Beeston Café Line map with the White Lion highlighted in yellow.

If I had the money, and lived in Beeston, I would be eating out most days. For now, I will have to be content with spreading my favours about as best I can. Until now it has been the Local not Global Deli run by Jo on Chilwell High Road if there is just the two of us, or Relish, nearly opposite Jo, if there are more of us. Or, if at the other end of town, Mason & Mason. Now we have Sergio and the White Lion too.

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