Monday, 28 October 2013

Beeston pubs and cafés revisited (again!)

I have added Beeston pubs and bus route information to my map, which is now A4 landscape size. The map is aimed at visitors to Beeston and easily be downloaded and printed off  Comments welcome.

This version is named after the Beeston WEA Branch Writers' Group/Class which meets every Thursday and frequent various haunts in Beeston. Our new favourite for the whole group is the White Lion (see last week's blog), but the Local not global deli and Relish are also favourite haunts, where we gather as well.

To see the map full size, simply click on the map.

The map can also be used as a template for a range of maps relating to central Beeston and has been designed so that it can also be printed off on a mono printer. In other words, there is no loss of detail if not printed in colour because the Pubs and Café Line is 12 point, the bus routes line is 6 point and other roads are 2 point — which is why I have copyrighted the map — and I hope may help me raise funds to publish Foodie Heavens by Beeston Writers.  We shall see.

Now a stripped down version, free of bus information. Someone made the point that the bus information could go on another map. The orange lines (which print out a lighter grey are other Beeston shopping streets. In other words my map now includes all the central Beeston shopping area).

On Tuesday 5 November I am planning to re-walk the map (see my blog post dated 31 August about the first time I walked the route) just to confirm to myself that everything is where I say it is, and in the process, I plan to 'map' 'seasonal' shops and charity shops and to compile a second map later next week. My aim remains the production of a small A4 folding pocket map. We shall see.

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