Sunday, 13 October 2013

A day beside the Thames (see Added Pages section)

The blog I posted here has received quite a few hits, so I have created a separate page for the Thames Path walk I did last week whilst staying with friends in Greenwich. On Tuesday we walked from Greenwich to the Hays Galleria by London Bridge railway station, about eight miles in total (because of all the twists and turns in the Thames).  Originally, I posted the text here, but it now has its own page (see opposite).

So all I have left here are four photographs from the walk and the two maps together.

I rather like this futuristic apartment block overlooking Deptford Creek on one side and across the Thames to the Isle of Dogs in the other direction. The cityscape in the distance is one which is probably now instantly recognised the world as London Docklands.

I loved this narrow passage called 'Randalls Rents', which links the Thames with Odessa Street. This photograph is looking back towards the Thames. As I walked down it, I heard a woman's voice say 'I did the shopping last week' and I could smell bacon. 

Once you are back besides the Thames, it is not long before you come to the entrance to the Surrey Docks City Farm (when the Farm is closed, you have to walk along Rotherhithe Street instead). I like the juxtaposition, albeit separated by the width of the Thames, of a rustic 'city farm' with a 21st century global business centre. They sit together rather well.

Outside the City Farm and on the Thames Path was a gate and steps leading down to a small foreshore, where I took this photograph. It felt so different to anywhere else on the walk.

This is my favourite photograph from the day. Not a person in sight, but it still seems busy to me. Notice all the bicycles on the barge to the right.  Tower Bridge was like a picture frame and caught many different vistas, a few of which I photographed, but we all know what Tower Bridge looks like, so this is the view of the Bridge I have included.

To see more photographs and descriptions of the Thames Path Walk, please visit the page I have created and listed in the column to the right of this posting.

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