Monday, 16 September 2013

Beeston Bus connections map for Beeston Writers Café Guide

There is no point in publicising a place if you don't help people to find it in the first place — hence this. Like the Café Guide Map, comments please.

My map clearly pays homage to the original London Transport Underground map, as thousands of others have done worldwide. The latest maps issued by 'Centro', the public transport authority for the old West Midlands Metrolpolitan County Council area sports an Underground style cover, although the maps themselves are based on geography. This map has taken me about ten hours to get this far. 

This is the first bus map I know of which actually puts Beeston at the centre. If you want to encourage people to use public transport you have to created maps which put them at the centre. As good as the web is, it cannot give you as much information in a single glance about Beeston bus services as my map does.

It's back to the Beeston Café Line map tomorrow. I have already decided to change the colour from royal blue to 'mocha' — given what the map is about, 'mocha' it has to be.

Keep coming back for more news of my efforts to get Foodie Heavens by Beeston Writers into print!

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