Monday, 30 September 2013

'Art' in the toilet at Djanolgy

Billed as 'artwork' and currently 'at work' in the male toilets at the Djanology Arts Centre by Highfields Park in Nottingham is this head made of soap.

There is also a soapy statue in the female toilets. You are encouraged to use them, although I suspect that in this day and age some folk won't touch it for fear of what they might catch from a previous user.

As amusing and fun as the soap head is, it is a bit of an overstatement to claim it is a work of art. When I was growing up in the late-forties and fifties, Walt Disney was selling soaps based on his cartoon creations. I also remember 'Noddy' soap. Type in 'novelty soaps' on e-bay and you can find pages of such soaps as per the example below:

I don't know how much Djanology paid the 'artist' Meekyoung Shin for the soapy heads, but there are times when you have to come clean and be honest and admit that something is not art. The head was fun to use and ten out of ten for that, but as for it being art, no way.

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