Monday, 24 June 2013

Lenton Rec rarity

Given that this blog began life as a daily posting about Lenton Recreation Ground, I am a little ashamed of myself for not giving it the attention it deserves. Last week I took three photographs which might be of passing interest to anyone who visits the park, or would like to know a little more about it.

Talking to Dave, our groundsman, I found out that the hedge on the left, which is on the south side of the bowling green is Elm — which came as a surprise. I had always thought it was Hornbeam. The fact that Dutch Elm Disease in the seventies had taken all the Elm trees, I had assumed that was the end of the elms, but the hedge has survived (and thrives). Why? It seems that height is a factor in the spread of the disease and Lenton Recreation Ground's hedge slipped under the radar so to speak. The kind of thing that cheers one up, especially when you realise that it is an Elm tree leaf which appears in the park's logo (see top of right-hand column).

Another view of the Elm hedge from the bowling green.

This is little circle of grass is, I hope, a 'mini-meadow' in the making. A few weeks ago I mentioned to dave in passing that this spot (and a couple of others had not been mown in the last couple of grass cuttings). These were the spots where the Daffodils come up every spring. Then, last week, there was only this 'circle' left and Dave told me that his boss had said it could stay. I have long wanted a meadow area in the park, but there are problems. They seem to attract litter. We shall see.

I took this pic from the Peace Garden on Friday. There were still a few students about soaking up what sunshine and warmth there was, reluctant to leave Lenton perhaps. I know how they fill…

A view from Lenton Recreation Ground of our end of Devonshire Promenade. I look out of our living and bedroom windows every day and just wish I had lived my life a little differently, been more selfish with my time. Then, I am sure, we would have the money to see our days out here, but  in the absence of 'Ernie' coming up big time, that is not going to happen. We hang on, but I countdown has already begun. It is really a question of where and when.

I hope to get £100 from the City Council's 'Dragon's Den' scheme for a 'Tuesdays on Lenton Rec' during August 2013 to mark the park's 125th anniversary (it opened in 1888). I have a draft programme of events ready to publicise if I get the £100, so watch this space.