Sunday, 14 April 2013

Tomorrow is the day and out of place

Tomorrow sees the start of the 2013 bowls season, delayed by one week because of all the bad weather. The pavilion is all shuttered and closed up, but from tomorrow it will burst into life every day, as bowlers like me dig out their woods in the hope that this year will be much drier than 2012.

I'm going to make my regular day Tuesday in the hope that we can attract new players and will be making a day of it when the better weather comes. The Lenton high-rise flats in the background are being demolished over the coming twelve months, so next year's photograph will probably look a little different, assuming work goes ahead as planned.

Talking of different things. Here is photograph for nerds. Clearly visible on the left-hand side of the photo is The Savoy cinema on the Derby Road in Lenton, but the bus is wrong. It shows the number '28', when it should be '36'. Susan and I followed it back from Beeston on a Trent-Barton 'Indigo' bus, which got ahead of it in Lenton, so when we got off, I waited and took this photograph. The driver has obviously pressed the wrong buttons on the pad controlling the destination blind and the fact that it says 'Victoria Centre' is enough as far as its passengers are concerned.

Based on some if my blog material, the Nottingham Post invited me to write a short column once a month on 'Going Public' and the first column appeared last Monday (8 April 2013). They have another three 'in the bag', which I have already written, and they have used two of my recent Erewash Canal walks as well. Hardly an overnight success, but it is nice to picked up on.

I have been out of action for a couple of months or so recovering from a small stroke (I lost the use of my left-hand and wrist for about ninety minutes and I am left-handed), so I was under orders to take things easy. I'm on medication and have less energy at the present time, but I'm getting there, thanks to our wonderful NHS. Everyone has been kind and supportive, but I do want to start doing this blog once a week again at least, so watch this space.

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