Sunday, 21 April 2013

Happy days are here again

Today I have posted some pics on my West End Bowlers blog celebrating the start, albeit two weeks late, of the 2013 outdoor bowls season. It was typically anarchic as my photograph of Jim lying down shows. West End Bowls (& Social Club) are always in need of new members and the great thing is that, because of a grant the club received lat year from Sport England, anyone interested in playing bowls can play with the club free-of-charge at first. It's a great deal and Nottingham City Council are being very supportive, having agreed to sale West End Bowls four 'open' season tickets.

We're also a couple of weeks away from the 'Bluebell season'. It's very short and not to be missed — which is why I take myself off to Oldmoor Wood, near Strelley village every year, for a walk and a couple of hours surrounded by Bluebells. Last year, I blogged about my visit with friends from Stoke-on-Trent (click here to see blog). This year I planning to visit with friends from the Beeston WEA writing class I attend. If you live in Nottingham and want to go, see my map below, which promotes Nottingham City Transport's 35 bus route as well.

If I had just one day to show someone around Nottingham, I would use a 35 to take a tour of the city. I could show them all the things I am proud of. I would ask them to meet me in the Market Square by one of the lions outside The Council House at about 8am and would try to have them back by 6pm. Ten hours would be a push, but I think I could do it. Watch this space for a future posting on the subject (I'll do it by the end of May 2013 I promise). In the meantime look at my blog from last year and copy my map. Perhaps we'll bump into one another looking at Bluebells in Oldmoor Wood!

To end, my three favourite pics from last year...

I was this close to a Tree Creeper, quite a rare bird, and stood watching it for an age, until I realised that it was not moving for dear of being seen and my friend Paul took this long-range pic with his posh digital camera. A treasured moment.

This is my idea of heaven. Perfection.

This is not Tuscany, but the edge of Nottingham from Oldmoor Wood, with the M1 motorway just visible in the lower half of the pic on the right-hand side. OK, you can hear hear the traffic rumbling in the distance, but in the wood itself, nothing. Just silence broken by birdsong.

If you have never been to a Bluebell wood or it's been a long time since you last visited one, find a few hours to go this year. Heaven on Earth awaits.

I am hoping this week to finish my Erewash Canal walk.

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