Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Park footpath saga continues

Taken from Park Road in Lenton. Beyond the bollards is Lenton Road and its in The park Estate. I took the picture on the left in 1999 and the one on the right in 2009.

If you look opposite, you see under 'Pages' that I have added a page headed 'Park footpath evidence' which shows some of 'the evidence' I have passed to Nottingham City Council's Footpaths' Officer showing that the foot-route between Nottingham and Lenton can fairly be described as an 'historic right-of-way' and, however inconvenient The Park Estate may find this, no one should have the power to close it ay any time of day. It is a path along lit roads — not some narrow, unpaved, unlit passage running between houses — so there is no case whatsoever that the footpath needs to be blocked to stop anti-social behaviour or criminals. Those in The Park Estate who want to do this are, basically, snobs, who see people from Lenton as some kind of riff-raff.

Next summer (2013) there should finally be a public enquiry into whether or not The Park Estate have the right to close off this historic footpath. I may be called to give evidence. I first lodged a complaint in 1999 and wrote a lead story for News for the Forum, which appeared on its front page. It will probably be 2014 before any decision is announced, so it will only have taken fifteen years to get the dispute resolved, but, hey, let's look on the bright side. That's quick by Nottingham City Council standards!

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Andy Platt said...

I remember walking that path from Lenton to the Trip etc at least from 1990 when I lived on Lenton Blvd.

92-94 I actually lived in Westcliffe Court (flats in scaffolding in your 2009 pic). Would regularly walk left to shops on Park Rd/Lenton Blvd or right town (again, the Trip largely).

So that's pretty much 20 years usage. It's a historic right of way alright.