Monday, 1 October 2012

Becoming the 'Going Public Blogger'

Most of my recent posts, more by accident than design, have been about public transport, especially in Nottingham. It is a topic I have been interested in since I was a young boy and what information there is online about public transport is    somewhat disjointed and incomplete, so after some thought, I have started a new blog, GoingPublicBlogger, devoted to the topic. This means that there will probably be fewer postings here, but I do not intend to let it go completely (I tried that once before and then came back).

I am very close to being on no committees at all and to having no outside commitments whatsoever for the first time in 54 years (!) since I joined Wembley South Young Socialists in 1960. It's a lovely feeling. For the rest of my days I intend to be a 'free agent' wandering at will. It doesn't mean I don't do things. In the past fortnight I have had visits from community consultants and City Homes to talk about plans for the future of the Lenton Flats development area in particular and local housing in general, plus an invite to give evidence to Parliament's Local Government & Community Committee later this month.

I will continue to write about Lenton matters from time to time, but I have put my 'activist' days behind me. I still want to see the corporate capitalist system defeated at the ballot box and believe, very reluctantly, that I live in a police state.

I have been attending a 'Creative Writing Class' run by Beeston Workers' Educational Association (WEA) Branch for a year now and enjoy it greatly. After years of writing about local history and local community issues, I am writing for me. It is quite a different experience.

So, this posting is attended as a way of playing catch up with those of you who visit Parkviews from time to time. Next week there will be a birthday bash for our two eldest grand-daughters (they will be 21 and 24 respectively this month) and there are elderly relatives to visit as well.

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