Sunday, 24 June 2012

Lenton rubbish pictorial

I took these Lenton rubbish pics this weekend and used them as the basis for a 'news' story I have sent to the Nottingham Post, Radio Nottingham and East Midlands Today (see after pics). I took a good few more, but I think these are enough to prove the veracity of what I have said.

This is how it has looked outside 1 Devonshire Promenade since last weekend when the students left. They had bagged everything up, but within hours scavengers had torn many of the bags open. Susan saw one carrying off a discarded duvet on the back of his bike. It is all too easy to blame students when the real culprits are the landlords / agents who are not on hand to supervise what students leaving a property do with their rubbish, the scavengers and, not least, Nottingham City Council who choose to ignore a problem they have helped to create by their indifference and disdain for Lenton's permanent residents.

On Wednesday, the binmen came and just passed by. One would assume that they are expected to report scenes like this when they get back to their depot or, in this day and age by making a simple radio call to their control centre. The point is nothing was done.

MS Estates' maintenance van has been at the house for several days during the past week clearing up and cleaning inside the house. Their sole workman has tidied up the rubbish at least twice and I spoke to him about the rubbish as well. I assume the students paid deposits and given the mess they left behind, they are unlikely to get them back.

It is the same every year.

This is what it looks like out 24 Gloucester Avenue. The binmen don't come until Wednesday and they are likely to leave this lot untouched, so this will get worse over the next few days.

The rubbish along Henry Road will get worse by the day and despite reporting, I am sure Nottingham City Council will do nothing about it until we get our ward councillors involved. It has been the same story for years, as the two pics below from 2005 and 2009 show. We have proposed solutions and got every house to support and have met with our councillors as well, but all to no avail.  What do we have to do to get attention?

My neighbour's solution is that we should take bags of rubbish to the Vice-chancellor's office and scatter their contents all over his office. I'd like to do the same at The Council House. Perhaps we will,  We would welcome the publicity and a court appearance would help in this respect. And what could they do to us?  We already active in the community, so a community service order would be OK with us. As for an orange 'Pay-back' jacket, I would wear it with pride and blog about the experience. There is always the risk of a fine, but we are pensioners on a low income, so to take money off us would show who side the courts are really on — the landlords, University and City Council.  No, unless they read this blog, I think we'll probably get a 12 month conditional discharge.

I don't want any of this, but I have reached the point where I am fed up chasing my ward councillors. In truth, I suspect that they as frustrated as we are when it comes to their ability to do anything lasting.

And last, in this small selection of pics, comes Lenton Boulevard. It's the same old houses again every year and nothing ever changes, but with the Olympic torch due to pass by here on Friday morning, I bet the City Council will have this lot away by Thursday and will be doing special street inspection to make sure that the visiting media and Olympic entourage do not how Lenton is normally treated by city council officers.

My press release, by the way, reads:

'Over the past week Lenton streets, like other students areas in Nottingham, have become littered with piles of rubbish, much of it left behind by binmen who do not take away broken bags or boxes left beside wheelie bins. Landlords then add to these piles of rubbish as they begin to clear out the houses and simply throw their own rubbish on top.

Lenton resident Robert Howard says 'Every year it's the same. Permanent residents like my wife and I have to contact our councillors before the City Council does anything'. Student properties do no pay any council tax, yet the council spends a great deal of public money clearing up their rubbish and helping landlords clear out the empty houses so that they can be ready for the new students in September. 'And whilst all this is going on, we have to live with all the mess and rubbish' says Robert.

Local residents are expecting Lenton Boulevard to get special attention over the next few days as the council makes ready for the Olympic torch run on Friday and will be watching to see what happens to all the rubbish on the surrounding streets. Robert and the few neighbours he has despair at what has become an annual problem in Lenton for the past twenty years, so they have been out with their cameras photographing rubbish and now have a large archive dating back over many years showing rubbish in the same places year after year.

Attached dated pictures show Henry Road in 2005, 2009 and 2012, where local residents have proposed several solutions, all rejected by Nottingham City Council! If this year is like previous years then we can safely assume that the pile of rubbish is just going to get bigger and bigger before the council does anything.  (I have pics in original file size if needed)'.

Now all I can do is sit back and see what happens.

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Iain Lane said...

Hi Robert,

I'm sorry to hear of this happening again. I'm a postgraduate student at the University and did my undergraduate degree here also, so I've been around for quite a number of years now (since 2005). It's a problem that I've seen many times, as you say.

Around this time last year I saw a particularly bad example of this on Mettham Street. I took a couple of pictures, which you can see at The big bin was empty so it is likely that somebody had gone through the contents searching for goodies.

I suspect that any enforcement action will have to be against landlords, who will pass costs incurred onto tenants in the form of deposit deductions (so it will be necessary to have deposit protection schemes on board). I'm sorry that a minority are able to blight our community in such a way.