Friday, 25 May 2012

Sun and fun in the park

I have posted some pics to the West End Bowlers blog today and took a few other pics in the park at the same time:

 Look at the  sky — not a cloud in sight and already far too hot for me to enjoy. I took this pic when I arrive just after 2pm and by the time I left ninety minutes later the park was beginning to heave and the 'Mr Whippy' ice cream van had arrived and was parked by the entrance opposite Holy Trinity Church.

As I was leaving the park I found Hannah and James dunking, but I have never seen a 'dunker' dressed like Hannah before. I tried getting a pic with the 'ball' (is that its correct name?) just leaving her hands, but it was all too quick for me — which, I hope, explains why her arms are raised in the air like this.

James, as you can see, is dressed quite differently to Hannah, but they made a happy couple and it was great to catch them having fun. They'll both in Lenton 'for a few years yet' as James is doing medics and Hannah nursing. I hope they enjoy their stay in Lenton.

Finally, a pic of one of our student neighbours, Rob, hard at work revising. I caught him sitting at the desk in his bedroom, which looks across to our 2nd floor. This is the other side of student life in Lenton I've not even mentioned before — actual studying and doing 'the donkey' work you need to do if you want to get your degree. He has a job to go to this summer after he gets his degree. I wish him well and hope that he takes good memories of Lenton with him. 

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