Thursday, 31 May 2012

A little park avenue and a 'stick' bowler

This view never ceases to lift my spirits. I've seen it every few days for the past thirty-two years in all seasons. At this time of the year the pink blossom has gone and what you have is the beginnings of a corridor of green, which at its height will remind me of a Devon country lane. a simple enough pleasure and, yes, it could be any park, but it isn't. It's Lenton Recreation Ground and, for me at least, it makes it kind of special.

This little patch of overgrown grass is not the beginnings of a meadow, but has been left by Dave, our grounds-person, to allow the Daffodils to die back. As I took this pic, I was trying to catch a Blackbird which was leaping about in the long grass, no doubt chasing bugs of some kind. I rather like it. The trouble is that such features in the park get treated as large open litter bins and attract empty cans, bottles, chocolate bar wrappers and crisp packets — not that you would guess this from the pic. I like long grass in parts of the park, but I understand why Dave has to keep it short most of the year.

Finally, I've designed this little bowls symbol / logo to be printed A4 size to advertise West End Bowls and Social Club, who are based in Lenton Recreation Ground.  Obviously, I've pinched the idea from the way road signs are now designed, but otherwise my bowler is all my own work. A kind of stick man really. I got the idea looking a picture I took of one of the Club's members, Frank Campion…

… who, as you can see, has a great pose when bowling a wood and is a great advert for bowls as a healthy way to exercise all your joints and your grip as well. I simply drew my lines over this pic.  I also do the Club's blog / website and will be posting some pics later today of the some the local children who been coming along one evening a week for an hour of so and learning the art of playing bowls, so please go and have a look — you might like to come along yourself — we're always looking for new members!

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