Thursday, 24 May 2012

Bluebell heaven courtesy of a no.35

On 9 May, some close friends from Stoke-on-Trent came across to see Susan and me for the day and to take us out for an early birthday lunch of fish and chips plus a trip to Oldmoor Wood near  Strelley, on the edge of Nottingham.

Normally it's a trip we do on a no.35 Nottingham City Transport bus. I am in no doubt that it is the most interesting bus route in the city. The only sad thing is that the service is now operated by single deckers. Only occasionally do you see a double-decker. I have blogged about the woods before, but on this occasion I took none of the pics, Paul, Rosie and Susan should get the credit.

I think the pics speak for themselves and I really was that close to the Tree Creeper in the pic. I turned to look at a tree and there it was. We both froze and somehow Paul came up and got the pic before the bird flew off.  A really, really magic moment and as for the Bluebells, what can I say? I love them — and to think you can see all this less than fifteen minutes walk from getting off a no.35 bus, which begins its wandering journey from outside the city's Central Library on Angel Row, but first heads south-west down the Derby Road to Lenton, where I live, then along the southern edge of Wollaton Park, before turning north and hugging the city's western edge until it reaches Bulwell, where it terminates.

Along the way it passes through Nottingham's inner-city, then some of its better off suburbs before running through large tracts of inter-war council housing and all the way, every now and again, you catch glorious glimpses of historic buildings and little parks, but best of all, it takes you to Oldmoor Wood. Enjoy!

And as you leave the wood, this vision of the English countryside leaps out and the only thing which lets you know that this is not a Tuscany landscape in faraway Italy is the M1 motorway!  At first you hear the traffic all the time, but very quickly the sound fades and you are enveloped in the smell of wood and birdsong.

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Rosie said...

It was a lovely day wasn't it? Perhaps next time we'll catch the bus - have bus pass will travel and all that! The little tree creeper was certainly a magic moment, thanks as always you two for your wonderful company:)