Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow frolics in the park

afternoon and evening it snowed from about 4pm until 10pm for the first time this winter. Above all I love the quiet, but last night the park was bathed in shimmering light despite the fact that the moon was hidden from view by quite high clouds (unusual when it snows) and by 10pm Lenton Recreation Ground was full of students having a high old time. It was lovely to see and made me pleased that our park is no longer locked at night.

The young ladies in this pic, from left to right, Nicola, Elisha and Jade were in the middle of creating a large snowball when I persuaded them to stop and let me take their pic.

Not very far away, Will and Shaun were also trying to make a snowball…

…whilst in another part of the park, I found Chris and Yulia, who was sitting in a 'snow chair' made by Chris especially for her. A touch of romance in the midst of it all.

For every pic I took I lost one. Trying to take pics in the snow at night is not easy with a little compact digital camera, but I am very pleased at how this view of Lenton's Holy Trinity parish church turned out. I took from the park.

And the morning after looks like this and the park is deserted. The park is littered with large snowballs like this…

…as this view of Holy Trinity shows. The snow is already melting and the big slush has begun…

…as this pic of a bus outside the park gates this morning shows. Yesterday evening, Nottingham bus services were suspended, but today they seem to be back to normal.

I really enjoyed my half-hour in the park last night. It was a pleasure to see everyone enjoying themselves. I am particularly grateful to the folk who let me take pics. It goes without saying that if anyone wants copies, they can contact me via the website.

From The Observer today: Labour leader Ed Miliband is calling on the public to join a three-month campaign to kill off the government's controversial NHS reforms as pressure mounts on David Cameron to withdraw the coalition's flagship health and social care bill from parliament.

From the Nottingham Post yesterday: Nottingham City Council has pledged to look at city centre parking charges "as a matter of urgency" after meeting businesses on Wednesday. Independent shops, cafes, restaurants and bars met council leader Jon Collins and Councillor Nick McDonald and asked for evening and Sunday parking charges to be suspended until a solution was found.