Thursday, 5 January 2012

Welcome to Martin

Dave, our longtime groundsman at Lenton Recreation Ground, has gone off on an well deserved and extended holiday to New Zealand and the City Council Parks Department has kindly given our park replacement cover Monday to Friday (we have been without weekend cover for nearly two years now), so welcome to Martin.

Martin is a member of the Parks Department 'Mobile Team' and will be with us until Dave gets back. He spent a couple of weeks with Dave before Christmas getting to know the park and its regulars. I hope he enjoys his stay.

Sometime recently, a park 'short cut' was blocked off. It came about after the creation of the dunking area a few years ago and became a short cut to the loos and as a quick way of recovering balls when they went over the fence which surrounds three sides of the dunking area. Now it's gone. The gap has been wired off and I suspect that by this time next year, the hedge will have grown back into place and no one will notice that the short cut ever existed.

Beside the bowling green, some flowers struggle to provide a little brightness on the darkest and windiest of winter days. Seemingly not much in itself, but a lovely reminder of tenacity — a word and a quality I like and admire.

I'm sure that in other parks and places there will be far better displays, but this scene warmed my heart. Apart from me and Martin the park was empty and this view of the bowling green as I turned towards the Church Street exit and headed off to Dunkirk Post Office, captured the spirit of Lenton Recreation Ground in the middle of winter. The wind which whistled and blustered across the greens seemed to be full of ghosts; of long gone bowlers howling and longing for the return of those who will fill these greens with laughter and idle chatter in a few months time. I will be one of them. The first roll-up is always special.

From The Guardian today: 'Motorcycle bomb targeting labourers waiting for work in Sadr City is followed by car bomb in Kazimiya, with attacks killing more than 26'.

From the Nottingham Post today: NEARLY £100,000 is to be spent installing a games area and gym in a Bestwood park to help avoid antisocial behaviour.

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