Thursday, 7 July 2011

Another chapter begins

In the past week, four people have commented on the fact that I was no longer doing the blog and that they were all sorry I had stopped. After months of no one saying anything, it was a coincidence I could not ignore. A friend in America also emailed to say how much she missed it. Another friend said Blogspot was now easier to use, so I have  been back and checked and the problem with pics seems to have been resolved. You can now add pages as well. So here goes. Another chapter begins… watch this space. In the meantime a couple of pics…

This is 'Wowly Cat' – an un-neutered tom – who first arrived about two months ago, very nervous and thin. We put food out for him, now he eats in, but he sprays a lot, so he gets no further than our kitchen and breakfast room. Fortunately, Markiza (our 'inherited' cat) sniffs out his marks for us and they seem to get on OK. He is the first cat she has not seen off for some reason only known to her. We will have to make a decision about him soon. To get him taken by Cats Protection or to have him done, chipped and jabbed in the hope that his spraying habit will disappear with time after he has had 'the surgery'.

Last week some friends took us to Cleethorpes in Lincolnshire for fish n'chips. It's just south of Grimsby on the North Lincolnshire coast. This pic says it all. Once is enough. We won't be going back. I'm glad we went though, as we got to Barton-on-Humber by the Humber Bridge and we will be going back there for a couple of nights at least. I will write more in my next posting at the weekend.

The senior police officer leading the phone hacking inquiry into The News of the World says that there were 4,000 possible victims listed in the pages of the notebooks belonging to the private detective, Glenn Muclaire, at the centre of the inquiry. Source: The Guardian.

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Rosie said...

With hindsight we should have gone straight to Barton-on-Humber and missed out Cleethorpes. We thought we would like to go back to Barton for a couple of nights too at some point in the future when all the attractions are open - it's a shame the church and school were closed! Sorry you didn't enjoy the seaside there is no comparrison with the Welsh beaches we saw the week before:)