Thursday, 7 October 2010

The end of this blog and in between days

Well, it had to happen one day, and that day has come. I have been having problems uploading images to the blog and then adding text. I have decided it's time for a rest, then a change. To what I do not know.

I have also decided to reduce my other interests to a minimum. The Crocus Gallery on a Thursday if they need me and West End Bowls.  I have some local history work I am doing, but at my own pace. Finally, there is The Notts Historian and a possible spin off from that. Plenty enough for anyone who wants to do read more and enjoy the company of friends and loved ones.

As for politics. I will deliver for the Labour Party, help on election days, attend meetings when I feel like it. To change things you have to be involved and, for now, it's not where I want to be. Maybe sometime in the future.

Life is changing and whilst I am actually very optimistic about what the future holds, right now I am wrestling with the in between bit!

Thanks for reading this blog — which I will leave this blog in situ for the time being.


1 comment:

Paul Pursglove said...

I have enjoyed reading your adventures and been please to participate in the occasional one. As with me, I am sure that you will still engage in the interesting and important aspects of life, but take care not to overdo things.