Thursday, 7 October 2010

The end of this blog and in between days

Well, it had to happen one day, and that day has come. I have been having problems uploading images to the blog and then adding text. I have decided it's time for a rest, then a change. To what I do not know.

I have also decided to reduce my other interests to a minimum. The Crocus Gallery on a Thursday if they need me and West End Bowls.  I have some local history work I am doing, but at my own pace. Finally, there is The Notts Historian and a possible spin off from that. Plenty enough for anyone who wants to do read more and enjoy the company of friends and loved ones.

As for politics. I will deliver for the Labour Party, help on election days, attend meetings when I feel like it. To change things you have to be involved and, for now, it's not where I want to be. Maybe sometime in the future.

Life is changing and whilst I am actually very optimistic about what the future holds, right now I am wrestling with the in between bit!

Thanks for reading this blog — which I will leave this blog in situ for the time being.


Friday, 1 October 2010

Perfect for the day: overcast and grey

On Tuesday I went to to Alrewas in Staffordshire to visit the National Memorial Arboretum and then on to Lichfield on a day out organsied by Lenton Local History Society. I have wanted to visit Alrewas for some time, so not owning car made this the perfect opportunity. The day was overcast and there was a constant threat of rain — which never came.

We arrived at 10am and had two hours to walk a round the Arboretum. It was not enough time, so I will go back again when I can. Preferably on another overcast day and with a pair of wellies. Away from the main path, the grass was quite long and it was wet underfoot. I took lots of pics, but have selected these few to share with you.
Whilst the information centre was bustling with visitors, outside and in the Arboretum, there was no one to be seen. I walked up to the monument on my own and found it empty. Nothing prepares you for the number of names you see. So many. So many people who died unnecessarily. I saw the names and was angry with the British politicians responsible.

 I will finish the captions on Monday

Phil, a stonemason I met working under canvas outside Lichfield Cathedral, carving a grotesque.