Thursday, 2 September 2010

A double park clebration

Yesterday was a special day of sorts in Lenton Recreation Ground, when we combined the raising the park's sixth successive Green Flag Award with an official roll-up to mark the 100th anniversary of the park's two bowling greens, which opened on 23 August 1910. In fact, West End Bowls & Social Club had their own event on the day, which you can read about on their blog (click here for link).
Dave Trimble (left), our local Nottingham city councillor, came along and did the official raising of the new Green Flag. He also happens to be the City's Leisure, Cultural and Parks Portfolio Holder, which means he is responsible for all the city's parks. He has been a great champion of Lenton Recreation Ground and other local parks over the years he has been our councillor. Those around him listening on are members of West End Bowls & Social Club, except for Harry and Dave (the guys in green, 5th and 6th from left) who look after the park and the bowling greens. The two Daves are both ex-Cotgrave miners, who I wrote about in the last issue of The Nottinghamshire Historian. Click here to read how these two remarkable men both ended up in Lenton and helped to save Lenton Recreation Ground from being trashed.
Dave then came and had a roll up with members of West End Bowlers. Susan caught Dave bowling the first wood, whilst from right, Frank, Alan and myself looked on. The Nottingham Evening Post sent along a reporter cum photographer, who took pictures for a possible spread in this coming Saturday's issue.You may see this pic again if you live in Dunkirk and Lenton ward, as we may use in the local Labour Party newsletter, thanks to Frank and Alan's support.

All in all, a very enjoyable afternoon a little different to normal. It's a pity that bowlers from none of the other clubs which play in the park came along, but, hey, it means West End gets all the glory — especially if our pics appear in the Post on Saturday!

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