Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Bricks in walls

A couple of weeks ago we went to a friend's funeral, which was held in a small 19th century Baptist chapel in a small Northamptonshire village, where I took this picture.
Then, last weekend, I saw the brick below in a house wall on Beeston Road in Dunkirk, the small area which makes up the south-west corner of Lenton.
I have walked passed this house hundreds of times, yet I have never noticed this brick before. It is by a bus-stop I use regularly when I go to Dunkirk Post Office. It was Susan who saw it. Local historians and others are always reminding us to look up and to pay more attention to the everyday buildings around us. You could devote a blog to looking up. It could be called 'The past is looking up'. Now that I have written it, I realise that it is a wonderful play on words, with so many meanings that it could attract a wide range of visitors. Perhaps I will go out one day soon with my camera and do just that.  For now, here are are two I took ages ago.
This face appears above a window of the large house on the south-west corner of the Derby Road and Lenton Boulevard junction in New Lenton.

 Then there is the front of the old (New) Lenton National School cum Church School cum Gurdwara, which is about to be renovated, thanks to a English Heritage grant. I know there are countless other images out there waiting to be photographed.
And finally, this house plaque from Montpelier Street in Dunkirk, back where we started. The future for me might be looking up in ways I had not imagined a few days ago.

Six months after the earthquake, an estimated 1.5 million Haitians are still homeless and many countries have yet to provide the financial aid they promised Haiti.


Richard said...

Great post Robert. I love the Charles and Diana brick!

Stephen Dickinson said...

Sure the Lenton house with the Diana brick in it was built before 1981?

Robert said...

The brick is a commemorative one and bears no relation to the age of the property. I have not seen anything similar in Lenton, or elsewhere for that matter. I am sure they can be found in the walls of other buildings.