Tuesday, 4 May 2010

If ever there was a straw, this is it for me!

I would like to be telling you something about the history of this fine building on Church Street in New Lenton (and I will when I do my Festival walk in June). For now, all you need to know is that it has been the Bag O'Nails public house for a good few years. It customers are almost exclusively students and, for the most part, it is only open during university term-times. My focus in this blog is the two commercial waste bins in the road to the right of the picture. They are a permanent feature and I have been compalining about them for two years at least.

I have just posted my latest entry to the Fix my street website and included the picture below…

 and the following text: 'There has been an ongoing problem with the pub leaving its bins in the road on Church Street at all times for some years now. I think I first posted an entry on this website in 2008! They have been out all over the bank holiday. There are always excuses being made, yet the private landlord next door has never left the same style bins in the street (my pic show the landlord's bins in the foreground and the Bag O'Nailss bins in the road to the back). Why is no action ever taken against the Bag O'Nails? The City Council have no plausible answer to this question, so one just has to wonder what is going on here?'.

Last month, my last 'complaint' about the problem via Dave Trimble, one of our city councillors, got the following reply:

'I thank you for your enquiry into the trade waste issue at the Bag O Nails 60 Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham.

The 8 hour rule applies for both domestic and business waste.  For example, if the regular collections are 9.00am then the bin can only be put out no earlier than 1am the day of the collection and has to be removed from the highway no later than 5pm the same day.

Therefore, with Bag O Nails collections being on Monday, Tuesday and Friday, bins are not permitted to be on the highway at any time over the weekends.

I am in the process of ascertaining approximate collection times for each day as these can vary from domestic collections.

I completely understand your frustrations and will continue to monitor these premises, and, as soon as the pub resumes trading I will be visiting the landlord again in order to rectify this situation'.

I suspect the council officer who replied is overworked, under-resourced and frustrated at their inability to resolve this problem. Here we are again with the Bag O'Nails leaving the bins in Church Street for the whole of the May Day bank holiday.

As I have pointed out in my latest Fix my street entry, and show in my pic, the property next door has four commercial bins and I have never seen them left in Church Street once, so why is such a problem for the Bag O'Nails?

My last complaint in early-April 2010 was prompted by this scene. The Bag O'Nails has its cellar shoot open, not a delivery vehicle in sight and no one in attendance. It was like this when I walked passed on my way to Church Square and still like it over an hour later when I walked back home. My next door neighbour mentioned it to me on another occasion and I have seen mothers with buggies forced in to the road on a few occasions over the years because the bins have actually been on the pavement (and have forwarded pics to councillors and officers on numerous occasions).

Why does this matter so much? The answer is simple. If a commercial business, with staff and resources, cannot keep its bins off the street, then it makes it difficult to ask students in shared houses to take their bins in. Things have got better in the last twelve months, but anyone walking around New Lenton like I was on Monday morning (I was delivering Labour Party leaflets) woould have seen how it can still look awful, with rubbish strewn across pavements in a number of places.

I do not know why the Bag O'Nails has such a charmed life, but I do know that if ever I desert the Labour Party after fifty years it will be because my Labour controlled city council talks big when it comes to keeping our streets clean and safe, whilst doing nothing about it in New lenton. All we get is talk, talk, talk.

Right now, I am, quite frankly, pissed off by their inability or, worse, decision to do nothing about the Bag O'Nails and its bins. They are a symbol of failure and I will be attending the next community meeting on Monday 10 May at Thomas Helwys Church wanting an answer about how and when the bins are going to removed once and for all, subject to the very lax regulations which exist. I also want to know whether the council change change the regulations?

Gordon Brown put in one of the most extraordinary performances of his tenure as prime minister when the three party leaders took part in an unofficial fourth debate – addressing London community groups in the largest live audience of the election campaign. As the Labour party battles to avoid coming third on Thursday, Brown appeared to find an emotional range and vocabulary previously unheard from him. Prompting repeated standing ovations, he told the audience: "As you fight for fairness, you will always find in me a friend, a partner and a brother." The speech, before 2,500 voters in a large church hall, may end up having been the most electrifying event of the campaign. Critics of the prime minister described it as one of the best speeches they have seen by a politician.

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