Sunday, 16 May 2010

Another perfect day, another year older

Today I woke up aged 66. Yesterday I was 65. The good news is that Susan was still beside me and when I opened the blinds, Lenton Recreation Ground was still  there. In other words, the world is still perfect. Today is a quiet day. Cooking lunch, making bagels for the first time in thirty-three years of breadmaking using a recipe from my friend Paul's Bread website. If you read this Paul, there have turned out fine. Next time I will reduce your recipe by half. I went out and bought some French cream cheese and smoked salmon, so you can guess what we are having for tea. There will also be a Susan made egg custard tart using pastry I have just made. A perfect day.

Yesterday saw the opening of Lenton's very own community-led arts project, called The Crocus Gallery and this morning I posted pics of the event onto the gallery blog I have been doing since a small group of us sat in the Crocus Café in February 2010 and discussed the idea. I hope you go and have a look. I bought a picture for Susan, which you can see on the gallery blog.

I left after an hour with Dave Trimble, Dunkirk and Lenton's Nottingham City councillor and Sarah Piper, who will be standing alongside Dave in next year's City Council election for our ward. We went off to visit the Lenton 'Community Garden Project', which was having an open day. As well as an opportunity to have a chat along the way about a wide range of local issues, it was a great chance to take some 'campaign' pics which can be used over the next year.
Dave and Sarah in close-up, taken at yesterday's Crocus Gallery opening. This will be invaluable library pic.
Dave and Sarah outside The Crocus Gallery is the kind of pic which reminds viewers that the Labour Party has close associations with the local community and is here, working alongside other local residents all the time.
Dave and Sarah both played a role in the Crocus Café next door coming to Church Square and making such a difference to the precinct.
When you leave Church Square via the south side the first thing you see is The Lenton Centre on Willoughby Street. I am currently gathering material together for a 'living history' project based around The Lenton Centre building and the land it was built on in the early-1930s. This part of Lenton was not developed until the 1820s and became known as 'New Lenton'. The building houses a swimming pool, a gym and a community centre. The City Council closed the pool and gym in 2004, but after a campaign by local residents led by Lenton Community Association, the building and land was sold to the community for £10 and the pool re-opened in 2008. It is a fantastic story and achievement and one in which local Labour Party members played an important and, at times, leading role…
…which is why I think the Labour Party can legitimately take and use in its City election a pic like this.
Next, I took this pic of Dave and Sarah outside the Dunkirk and Lenton Partnership Forum office on Lenton Boulevard. Again, Dave and local Labour Party members have played a leading role in the history of the Forum.
From the Forum office, we walked a hundred yards past the closed Lenton Primary School, along Sherwin Road and under the railway bridge, turned left beside the railway and found ourselves in the Sherwin Road Community Garden, complete with its old scout hut. This is a new project led by Parbinder from the city council, with the active support (and money) of our two Labour Party city councillors, Dave Trimble and Zahoor Mir.
Our visit was to see how the community garden project was going, but the opportunity to get a 'campaign' pic was too good to miss and local resident Bill Cauldwell happily agreed to have his pic taken knowing it could well appear in Dunkirk and Lenton Labour Party leaflets. Pics like this, taken on the spur of the moment, often seem better than pics I go out intending to take.

Over the coming weeks and months I will take lots more like this. Most will go into the Labour Party folder and stay there. Some will come out and be used. Some, in the end, have no value, except for the pleasure they provide me…

…Like this one of Bill planting potatoes. In the midst of all that happened yesterday, there were moments all too brief, which went unrecorded. Talking to Harry at The Crocus Gallery opening, who goes into the Crocus Café for mid-morning coffee and is someone I exchange nods with. In a few minutes he told me much and I have yet another lead to follow up. And so it is with Bill. I spent all too little time in his company. I saw him in an animated conversation with Dave. Had you been there you would understand why Dave has been one of our two Labour Party city councillors since 1992. He knows that life and politics is people. Nothing else.

Charles Kennedy, the former Liberal-Democratic Party leader says the he could not bring himself to supprt Clegg in the crucial, behind-closed-doors meeting of Lib Dem MPs last Tuesday night. He fears the move to a formal coalition with the Tories has wrecked for ever plans for a progressive centre-left alliance in British politics.

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