Friday, 2 April 2010

Lenton distractions or interests?

My friend Rosie has recently posted her 500th blog onto — which she began in 2005 and calls 'Corners of my mind'. I really love it, as do her many followers. She has created a small community of like-minded people who come together on her blog from all over the world. The web can be a truly wonderful thing. It was Rosie who suggested that I do a blog in 2007 — which is how I came to start Parkviews.

Rosie's mention of her 500th blog got me looking at how many Parkview blogs I have done. This is, in fact, my 241st posting. However, what looking made me realise was that I only did 20 postings in 2009. My time and energy has gone into my Parkviews website, which has become something different from what I originally intended. I began in 2007 wanting to record life in and around Lenton Recreation Ground, but soon it became more than parochial. And now I sit at the computer wondering at what point does an 'interest' become a 'distraction'?

But first, I have decided to reprise a few of my favourite park pics — a kind of top five — in no particular order — and why I have chosen them.
One of my first pictures, taken on 12 February 2007. Only the girl with the camera spoke English. She told me that they had come to live in Lenton from Romania and were not yet going to school. I have never seen them since, so I can only assume that the family moved on. I hope they are safe and well.
On 9 April 2007, that year's bowling season began in Lenton Recreation Ground and I was there to capture the first game. It was when I first met members of the West End Senior Citizens Bowls Club. In the picture are Alan (1st left) and Frank (2nd left). Meeting them coincided with my starting a year-long community project in Lenton high-rise flats (which are visible above the bowling green pavilion). It was also the year when I first became involved with what is now the West End Bowls & Social Club. I am now the club secretary and, yes, started a West End Bowlers blog. The 2010 bowls season starts next Saturday, 10 April. I hope it's dry and the sun is shining.
This picture is of three young visitors from nearby Wollaton, who came along to a 'Tea in the Park' day I organised on 17 June 2007. I love everything it says to me about being young. I have been him. The girls will remain beautiful to him forever. I know. I have never seen them again.
A picture of Dave (left), our full-time groundsman, who came to the park in 2004, and Simon, who came to help him during the bowls season. I took this pic on 22 August 2007, the day after a big park event and they were taking a well earned break. I have taken countless pictures of them both. Simon moved on at the end of 2008, but Dave is still with us. It is all his hard work which has made Lenton Recreation Ground the great park it is today.
I called this picture 'Going home' and took it on 24 September 2007. I knew this family to 'nod to' for years before I took this picture. I gave them a copy of the picture at the time and they would regularly stop and pass the time of day. The parents would go and meet their eldest daughter from school and then walk home through the park. Looking at this picture, I realise that it must be a good year since I last saw them in the park or about Lenton. I hope they well.

Looking at my 'top 5' selection, perhaps I should make it specific to 2007. All are about people. They make our park what it is; a meeting place, somewhere to relax, to get lost in one's own thoughts.,all these things and more. No wonder I love it so much and bless the day we found our home beside the park.

One is for sure, the park remains an interest, a passion. All that I want from life, with the exception of family, longstanding friends and the sea, can be found in what I will describe as 'Greater Lenton' for now (a blog and a topic for another day).

I look about me and I am free from being a formal member of any committee, although I attend occasional community meetings and help where and when I can with a number of Lenton groups. Being am secretary of the bowls club doesn't count because they a bunch of pensioned-off anarchists.

So, are there any 'Lenton distractions' — anything which prevents me from giving my time and attention to my 'interests' — ie. something that I am concerned or enthusiastic about? The answer is 'yes'. I can resolve to drop Lenton news from the parkviews website which is of no real interest to me. On other words, a distraction. It is something which I change from time to time anyway. The trouble is that I do have interests I want to develop. Things that I still want to achieve, to make happen. Some are personal, one is in Lenton and across Nottingham, perhaps nationally. These are thoughts I wrestle with and, at the moment, I have no clear answers to.

Eric Carlin has announced he is stepping down from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD), in part because of his concerns at the speed with which ministers pushed through a ban on the drug mephedrone.


The_Watcher said...

Hey Robert, it's Charlie (Mike Pell's Friend) He told me about and from there I found your blog, I'm an avid reader, and I wanted to let you know you got me starting to write a blog now!

Many thanks again!


Robert said...

Thanks Charlie for the kind words. Tell us your blog name and I will go and have a look.

The_Watcher said...

Hey, my blog is; Its only starting off but, I'm getting quite addicted to it.

How are you anyhow?