Monday, 22 February 2010

A hobble around my corner of Lenton

On Friday I lost control of my shopping trolley and stumbled off the pavement and fell into the road, rolling over in the process. A student and two workmen came to my rescue, picked me after making sure nothing appeared to be broken and stayed with me for five minutes or so whilst I got my wind back on a seat outside the flats. I was going shopping in Beeston after a visit to the Crocus and felt OK enough to continue. Twenty minutes later, walking along the High Road and the pain hit me. It was my knee and it got progressively worse. When I got off the bus in Lenton I hobbled into the Derby Road Health Centre and even though it was lunch time, I was quickly seen, the wound cleaned and pain killers administered. Then it was up to the A&E at QMC where, after just two hours and an x-ray, I was told, "nothing broken", but such was the swelling that I probably needed 3–4 days rest and so it has proved to be.

I did manage to go the few yards into the park on Sunday and get come pics, which I have placed on Today's 'hobble' to see Dave in Lenton Rec was my first proper walk. I also wanted to get some pics of No.36 buses along the Derby Road for a piece I have written about why 'copycat' bus services should not be allowed, unless they area as good as, or better, than the existing bus service. This is also on

This is one of the pics I took, which shows a Trent-Barton No.4 overtaking a Nottingham City Transport No.36 at my nearest bus stop, a few yards from our home. Lenton and Nottingham's bus services must be among the best in England. We have avoided the clutches of the Arrivas, First Bus and Stagecoach. I am planning to produce a Lenton bus map for in the near future.

In the park, I saw Steph (2nd from right), once of the Forum, now with Sustran, with would-be student bike trainers under instruction in Lenton Recreation Ground. It's great to see the park being used in this way.

I then found Dave having his lunch and gave him a copy of The Nottinghamshire Historian, which has just been published and contains an article by me called 'Two Daves and the Miners' strike, 1984'.  It is about Dave and Dave Trimble, our local city councillor. Both were miners at Cotgrave Colliery (a few miles south-east of Nottingham) and took part in the 1984 strike. Both found their way to Lenton and both have played an important part in helping to restore Lenton Recreation Ground. The article explains everything and I hope to have a link in the next few days.

After I left the park and hobbled home, I came across these torn down 'to let' signs at the Henry Road end of Devonshire Promenade. Given the topic of my last blog, the scene might be taken as a sign of things to come.

This was the shortest of walks, but still not without interest as far as I was concerned. Walking around Lenton is never boring. There are always things to see and people to meet.

Support for David Cameron's Conservative party has crumbled to its lowest point for nearly two years, according to the latest monthly Guardian/ICM poll, leaving Britain on course for a hung parliament at the coming general election.

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