Monday, 3 November 2008

Meet Joe

This is a double post to both my new blog and to my old blog. I have decided to keep the two overlapped for a month or so whilst I slowly, but surely, move links across from my old blog to my new website. I have already decided that I was being over ambitious to include a Lenton ‘news’ page, so I have got rid of it. The new website will concentrate on my blog, Lenton (and Nottingham) walks and parks. At first I will concentrate on parks I already know about and add others as I visit them.

In the meantime, meet Joe. He’s a community support police officer and his ‘superbeat’ includes Lenton Recreation Ground, where I saw him on Sunday morning. During the winter, there is no staff permanent staff in the park at weekends, but there are plans to have regular visits from members of the new Nottingham Parks Ranger Service. Until this gets under way, Joe will continue to visit.

Finally, Susan has cracked the problems with uploading my website to the Internet, so you can now reach me direct at It has even been arranged so that I can update the website myself, without bothering Susan.

The police officers who shot Jean Charles de Menezes appeared panicky and "out of control". Anna Dunwoodie, who was two or three seats to the left of the 27-year-old, when he boarded the train at Stockwell underground station in south London, told the inquest that she was certain the officers did not shout any warning before they opened fire.

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