Wednesday, 1 October 2008

'Radio Lenton'

John Holmes from Radio Nottingham kindly gave my last walk of the year, which starts from the Crocus Café at 2pm tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon, a plug this afternoon and has posted a link to the Radio Nottingham website about my walk. Yesterday (Tuesday) morning, he came and did some of the walk me and made a short radio feature, as well as taking some pictures as well.

Thanks John for keeping so much in. I managed to mention next year's community festival, the new developments in Old Lenton, Priory Park and churchyard, Lenton Recreation Ground, the Crocus Café, The Lenton Centre and our city councillors. They also included bits from Dave in the park and Sue in the Crocus. Bring on 'Radio Lenton'!

The European Union Commission has taken special powers to approve bank rescues in view of the scale of the financial crisis, saying the state aid involved is "proportionate". The competition rules do not have to apply to banks in the same way as to other parts of a member state's economy. Rescuing banks is OK, but protecting industries and jobs remains against EU rules.

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