Sunday, 21 September 2008

A work in progress

This afternoon I got diverted from what I originally intended to blog about when I decided to look at Google's facility which allows you to create your own maps. Last week we posted an entry to our Local History Online website about an exhibition at the Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum tracing how the town had been depicted by local artists and others over the past 250 years. The exhibition's organisers have created an online Google map with then and now images.

Two hours later and I have created a 'work in progress'. My 'Parks and community map of the Lenton and Nottingham Area' is my first attempt at creating a map which places Lenton at the centre and will eventually, I hope, include all the places mentioned in my blog, including parks as far away as Derby, Greenwich and Shrewsbury.

I have also got to create some map icons of my own, because the Google map icons, as good as they are, do not cover everything I would like to include. I will, at some point, put my 'Discovering Lenton Healthy Heritage Walk. onto a Google map, but not before I have learnt how to download pictures as well — you can see now why this is very much 'a work in progress'.

I would be interested in receiving feedback on this occasion. Is it over-egging the pudding or is an idea worth developing, even if a little differently?

The official death toll from the suicide bomb blast that ripped through a luxury hotel in Islamabad yesterday has risen to 53, the Pakistani prime minister, Yousuf Gilani, said today. The blast, one of the biggest attacks in Pakistan for over a decade, happened at the Marriott hotel at around 8pm. The hotel was left burning fiercely all along its façade, while other buildings in the vicinity were also left damaged.


Rosie said...

You have been working hard, love the map - it does look a little 'busy' but then you have highlighted all the wonderful places to visit and it looks interesting and exciting as well. Now we will have to visit some of the places you have highlighted with your great symbols:)
Was it easy to do? Which are your symbols?
Take care

Robert said...

Thankyou Rosie

It took me two hours the first time round to get the map up and started. I added some the next day. At the moment, they are all Google Map icons. I have some from my own maps I will import when I can. You could start a map with all the places you have walked. Look on Google and see if anyone else has already done it. If I can do it anyone can!

Love Robert :-) xx