Monday, 8 September 2008

What is happening in Dunkirk and Old Lenton?

The slideshow below tries to address the question 'What is happening in Dunkirk and Old Lenton?' There are new and proposed developments going on everywhere. Watch the slideshow and find out for yourself and, if you live locally, get involved in deciding what happens next!

Tuesday 9 September 2008, from 8 to 9pm.
Dunkirk and Old Lenton Community Centre by Dunkirk Flyover.
An Open Meeting of Dunkirk and Lenton Branch Labour Party to discuss
'What is happening in Dunkirk and Old Lenton?'

Tens of thousands of jobseekers face being written off and "parked" on benefits as an unintended consequence of the government's £2bn plans to use private contractors to tackle long-term unemployment. People needing greater levels of support to find work will be sidelined under changes taking effect next year.

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