Thursday, 11 September 2008

To all those Lenton Priory site doubters

St Nicholas Churchyard in Brighton
(I took this from Flickr. It was taken by 'Kitty')

Purely by chance whilst doing a local history search on Google I came across a news story about the disused St Nicholas Churchyard in Brighton. It was only posted two days ago and describes how 'a neglected former graveyard in Brighton city centre has been transformed from a no-go area to a tranquil community space and treasure trove of local history'. It sounds just like what we want to happen on the Lenton Priory site, where one, unified, approach to the site, perhaps led by the Church if they are fearful about what might happen if it is left to Nottingham City Council or other folk in the community, including me, is what we need. To keep them separate would be madness. You can read the story at:

Clearly, the situation in St Nicholas Churchyard, Brighton, was far worse than anything we have seen in Old Lenton, but the remedy is same, especially if some of the interested parties in the local community here are fearful of drug users and drinkers in Priory Park 'taking over' the churchyard as well. I have to say that during the numerous visits I have made to the park I have never seen any druggies or suspicious characters, if you discount the occasional discreet drinker with a bottle or a can in a paper or plastic bag. I see no difference between them and young people with their cans or bottles of wine in Lenton Recreation Ground. I suspect that some are 'offended' by the appearance of people down on their luck and would rather they were forced to stay out of view.

One good thing which has come from the local discussions about Priory Park and the churchyard is that Dave Trimble found out this week that the City Council has 13 former Church of England cemeteries in its care, including St Anthony's (the churchyard on the Lenton priory site).

Margaret Thatcher is to visit Chequers on Saturday at the invitation of Gordon Brown. The prime minister is expected to discuss the global downturn with the woman who dealt with some of Britain's toughest postwar economic conditions.

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