Monday, 1 September 2008

Returning to nature

A couple of weeks ago we visited the three nature reserves just to the north of Wollaton Park: Martin's Pond, Harrison's Plantation and Raleigh Pond, with friends from Stoke. Paul is a nature buff and takes his camera everywhere. As a result he has amassed a fine collection of photographs, many of which find there way onto his blog at: His entry for 28 August 2008 is headed 'Harrison's Plantation' and is a collection of great pictures, together with a commentary about our walk around the reserves.

This was my fourth visit since New Year's Eve and on each occasion it has looked a little wilder. A picture which Paul was too polite to use shows collapsed fencing beside the path through the Plantation. It seems as if nature is winning. Perhaps, by the time of my next visit, much of this fallen fence will have disappeared beneath a growing carpet of green. I hope so.

This picture, also by Paul, gives the Plantation an almost primeval look. The day in question was also hot and humid with showers. To be here after a summer thunderstorm must be something, but the highlight of our visit was the little squirrel below, lurking high in the branches and screeching like crazy. It took a little while to spot him (or her), with all four of us staring as hard as we could, before Paul caught him on film. It was the first time I have ever heard a squirrel make a noise of any kind and it seemed to me as if the poor creature was being torn limb from limb. Happily, this was not the case, for when the squirrel realised he had an audience he stopped, as if to allow Paul to take his picture. Then he started up again. The picture of him is deliberately small. Because this is how he appeared to me high up there in the trees.

An autumn offensive by Gordon Brown to revive his premiership with a package of economic measures risks being overshadowed by the leak of a Home Office document, which spells out how the downturn will lead to an increase in crime and greater support for extremist political parties.

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