Thursday, 18 September 2008

Nottingham Park Links

On Tuesday afternoon I walked through Highfields Park on my way to Beeston and it was kind of eerie. The air was so still I could feel myself walking through it and, as the picture shows, there was hardly a ripple on the lake. I also saw just five other people in the park. I have never seen it as quiet!

However, the main point of this quick posting is to tell you about three open space related Nottingham websites I have come across:

The Friends of Sharphill Wood is a campaign to save a wood between West Bridgford and Edwalton from development. They have made the BBC regional news a couple of times, but their website is only a couple of months old and shows little sign of activity. Perhaps this plug will help them along.

The Forest Recreation Ground has a blog which has been set up by The Partnership Council, which covers Radford and Hyson Green. Again, not a lot going on, but since it probably relies on PC staff, they have to have the time to keep it topical and worth visiting. However, go and have a look for yourself. It is better than nothing.

And last, but not least, a blog campaigning for a
Skateboarding Park in Nottingham. Again, it's not very active and 19 people have voted on the best location for a skateboarding park. 12 say the City Centre and 7 say the outskirts of town, but no specific place identified. I'm sure there's a lot of skateboarders out there who don't know about this campaign, which is a pity.

Finally, I want to end with a picture from a distance, showing teachers and school children on a visit to Lenton Recreation Ground this morning collecting pine cones and leaves for a nature table. These things do go on in the park, but they are no longer meant to be seen. I may have said before that in this digital age of instant photography, the irony is that children are becoming the great unseen. A hundred years from now, local historians and others looking at photographs of streets and parks from, say, 1908, 1958 and 2008, will wonder where the children have gone? Once, they stood there for the photographer. Now, they are ushered away or avoided. Worse still, they are not even there to be seen. Dare I appear odd and say how sad this paranoia makes me. I hope it will pass.

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