Sunday, 28 September 2008

At the end of the day

Late on the last Saturday afternoon in September, the shadows have lengthened and it will be dark in about thirty minutes. The warmth of the sun is fading and a slight breeze brings with it a freshness which reminds one that this really is the end of summer. Still, people sit in the park, reluctant to leave. Even I don't quite believe what the shadows tell me — that the park is coming towards the end of the day and soon the gates will be shut and everyone will be heading home for tea.

The bowling season is also coming to a close, with just one more weekend to go, then that will be it until April next year. Even for the bowlers there is just one more end to go. The woods are slowly pushed away, as the players take their time. Reluctant to finish. The last Saturday in September is that kind of a day.

Only the lads playing football will stay until Kevin calls time and brings their game to an end. Afterwards they might just come back via the hole in the railings off Devonshire Promenade, which I saw for the first time yesterday.

The hole in the railings is a clever one. The 'missing' railing can easily be put back into place, so that no one knows that this a 'secret' way in and out of Lenton Recreation Ground. In truth, I have a suspicion that it has nothing to do with students. In the past ten months or so there have been several break-ins during the night at the park pavilion, almost certainly by children and/or young teenagers. Perhaps this hole in the railings is their work?

Earlier on Saturday afternoon, Susan and I went across to Clifton to explore some 'greenways' and a park I had noticed a few weeks ago during a hurried visit. I will share the pictures I took in the next day or two. The visit made me think even more about just where could we create a 'Lenton Wood'?

On average, every minute of every day a woman somewhere dies in childbirth or pregnancy, the overwhelming majority in developing countries. It is one of the world's greatest hidden epidemics, but the search for a solution is hopelessly underfunded.

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