Sunday, 14 September 2008

Announcing a personal sabbatical

Pop (my grandfather), me, Mother and Uncle Sid, Wembley, 1945.

Next May I will be 65 and I will have been active in the community, some way or another, for fifty years. First, in Wembley where I grew up, then in Harrow until work took me to Birmingham. Later, I followed the path of true love, which took me to Mansfield, and in 1979 Susan and I bought our present home in Lenton. We have both lived in Nottingham longer than anywhere else in our lives.

On Friday I found myself at the QMC wanting bad news in the hope that I would have an excuse to re-order my life for a while and take a break (I hasten to add that I got an all clear). I enjoy what I do and the company of those I mix with, but I do feel committed and, sometimes, find myself doing more than I want to. I have, in recent years, cut back, but I realised on Friday that I need to cut back some more and to take stock. I have signed up for a media course next year and I have some personal things I want to do, people I want to see. All too often something gets in the way, so I will be limiting myself to the park and the Promenade.

Otherwise, I've decided that 2009 is going to be my year off. I'll finish my stint as Secretary of Dunkirk and Lenton Branch Labour Party in February and that will be it. I might go along to meetings from time to time and I will still blog, but otherwise I'm giving myself a well earned sabbatical.

Wanderers held by plucky Bees. Wycombe Wanderers saw their run of four straight wins come to an end as they failed to break down a solid Brentford side in a 0-0 draw at Adams Park yesterday. For me.

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